About Us

Cuellar Concrete is a locally-owned, family-run business with 30+ years of experience in the concrete business since 1979 and specializes in all areas of concrete.  We take pride in our craftsmanship and we will surpass your expectations with our quality and artistic concrete work. We range in jobs from residential drive-ways to commercial projects, and everything in between. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Cuellar Concrete services the greater Tulsa area as well as surrounding cities.



George Cuellar Sr: Owner & Founder of Cuellar Concrete since 1979, has been in the concrete/construction business since a very early age working along side his father in their family owned concrete company that was founded in Austin, TX.
Later on in his life, George moved to Tulsa with wife and eldest son in hopes to create his own business and build it from the ground up using the skills he acquired in his father’s company.
George started working with the Union after he moved to Tulsa and began the foundation of Cuellar Concrete on the side. By the early 80’s George left his union job in Tulsa and focused solely on the construction of Cuellar Concrete. Working in only residential and with one other crew member George started gaining clientele as well as a good name for durable and reliable concrete work. By the mid 90’s Cuellar Concrete had branched out and gained more than just residential in Tulsa, Cuellar Concrete had began to grow commercially as well.
George’s crew began to grow and with that George Cuellar Jr. stepped in along side his father to help over see jobs and his crew.


George Cuellar Jr: Co-Owner, started working with his company as a young boy, over the summers and any break from school.
In learning his fathers trade and gaining the experience, Jr has now become the Co-Owner and crew supervisor for Cuellar Concrete.
Jr. attended Oklahoma University and majored in Engineering and Architectural design and has applied his education to Cuellar Concrete, which has allowed a tremendous amount of growth from the family owned company. Opening new doors into the concrete work such as decorative, color, and stamping.

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